Trump takes aim at China


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President elect Donald Trump tweeted yet another tirade last night. This time on the subject of China’s policies on money and the crisis in the south China Sea.

His tweets concerned China devaluing the country’s currency the yuan, and how imports from the US were taxed, when America didn’t do the same (though one of Mr Trump’s policy proposals was to do just that).

Mr Trump’s tirade also blasted the Chinese for their land grabs in the south China Sea.

It seems that future vice president Mike Pence is going to have to come out and try to downplay Mr Trump’s words again. After Trump’s recent dealings with the issue of Taiwan, Pence came out to downplay the situation as a “tempest in a teapot”. Though how Beijing will react is unlikely to be the same. In recent years relations between the two super powers have improved, with China gradually opening up. The country is seen as very closed to the outside world, and has been working hard to change this image.

But Mr Trump’s recent tirade is hardly likely to aid tensions that still exist with China. They also potentially show what many had previously thought, that Trump’s lack of political experience would damage the presidency. Certainly his tweet tirades are becoming the stuff of legend, but they may also become his biggest problem. Trump’s bully boy image may have been extremely beneficial to him in his business dealings but they are unlikely to be helpful once he’s in the white house after his inauguration on January the 20th.

We can only hope that in the mean time that members of his new cabinet can encourage Trump away from the social media platform, and perhaps stage manage the man who maybe needs it more than most.

His tweets are also now the subject of comedy, Trump tweeted his displeasure after Saturday night live ran a skit about the president elects use of social media, with Alec Baldwin taking on the role of Trump. It’s well noted from the past that Trump has a notoriously thin skin, and thus the skit got the attention it desired from Trump who described the scene as “unwatchable”. This sort of thing is going to be part and parcel of his presidency, and many will suggest that he’ll have to learn to take it with a pinch of salt. Either that or embrace it and use it to his advantage like his predecessor Barack Obama, who was a regular on comedy shows throughout his presidency.

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