Trump takes to Twitter to further weigh in on Israel




President elect Donald Trump has once again take to Twitter to take another swipe at outgoing President Obama’s position on Israel and the role that Obama played in the US refusing to veto a vote against Israel’s continued building of illegal settlements.


“The United Nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!” said Trump through his ever popular Twitter account. The President elect has used the social media platform to stunning effect throughout his election campaign and even now, as he prepares for his inauguration on January the 20th.


The outburst comes as under fire Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tried to use the vote at the UN as a way to galvanise his support. He’s been attempting to use the vote as a way to show that Israel’s sovereignty is being challenged. It comes after a visit to the Western wall in Jerusalem by the Prime minister. The area of the city is disputed as it is part of the city that was captured as part of the war that also captured the West bank in 1967.


Trump has promised to move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv in to Jerusalem as a show of solidarity to the Israeli’s. An ardent supporter of Israel, the move would likely cause international uproar, as Palestine claims Jerusalem as its capital.


In a meeting over the weekend Netanyahu accused the US of collusion with Palestine, and had also claimed that he’d received evidence that the resolution put forward by the Egyptians was actually put forward by the Americans. Even going as far as suggesting to offer the evidence to President elect Donald Trump. If this was to be proven true then it would certainly do Obama’s character no favours, and would indeed prove the controversial Netanyahu correct on his assertions of Obama. Though the Egyptian resolution was withdrawn after much work behind the scenes from Israel and Donald Trump, it was re-worked by other countries and submitted.


Netanyahu had accused Obama of being underhand in his dealings. Obama certainly went against the grain of what the American’s had done in the past. It is believed that the Obama team felt that Israel’s acceleration of settlement building had forced the US hand on the subject. Traditionally the US had favoured dealing directly with the two countries, but have chosen to resist that option on this occasion. Seemingly much to the ire of Prime minister Netanyahu.



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