Trump Tweets He Will Release JFK Documents And Twitter Trolls Him


President Donald Trump has come out tonight to confirm the release of all documents in the JFK case. “I am doing this for reasons of full disclosure, transparency and in order to put any and all conspiracy theories to rest,” Trump said in a tweet a short time ago.

The confirmation comes after pressure on government departments began to tell on the imminent release of the files. Up until the cut off point last night there was little doubt that the point would be missed. It now appears that Trump has thrown down the gauntlet to departments to release the files with minimal redactions.

The cause of the delay is believed to be the sheer number of redactions required. Due to JFK being the president, a lot of data will need to be redacted on the grounds of national security. Trump has stayed strong in his order to turn over the files to the public.

Trump himself is a fan of the odd conspiracy theory and has taken a personal interest in the case. This will now put him in direct conflict with many departments who were trying to delay the release to give themselves enough time.

Trump has little respect for national security and openly bragged about holding security briefings at Mar-a-Lago. This attitude has put him in direct opposition to the security services and this will do little to assist that unhappy union.

Trump is desperately writhing around trying to create a legacy for himself. A man who is used to having his name on prestigious buildings, Trump is seeking to leave a mark behind and making controversial decisions such as this will help make it a reality. The much vaunted border wall is another such legacy building project and Trump’s behest. While he seemingly has got what he wants on the JFK files it seems other such legacy projects may be less likely to happen.

This is how Twitter reacted:

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