Trump’s spiky press conference takes on “Fake news”




After a bizarre news story about President elect Donald Trump’s activities in a Moscow hotel, the man himself has come out to defend his honour. In a news conference, Trump maintained that the alleged incidents had not taken place. He chided CNN among others after reporting the story. He claimed that they were “fake news”. He also refused to take questions from CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Acosta had tried shouting several questions at the President elect. After which Trump finally acknowledged him, and responded with the accusation.


CNN released a statement afterwards defending their conduct, it said “CNN’s decision to publish carefully sourced reporting about the operations of our government is vastly different from BuzzFeed’s decision to publish unsubstantiated memos,”.


The accusations that Trump may have been being blackmailed by Russian intelligence seems far fetched. Russian government sources have confirmed that they are not holding anything over the President elect. But drawing Mr Trump as being in cahoots again with Moscow is going to harm his credibility further. It certainly didn’t help his case that he insinuated that the US intelligence system was behind the information. Trump has a standoffish relationship with US intelligence officials. Originally he had denied that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democratic National committee servers. Since his original thoughts he has certainly changed tack, albeit slowly. He also hadn’t confirmed directly that he believed that, leaving it to senior aides to tell the news media.


Trump compared the treatment of him by the news media as being akin to “Nazi Germany”. His relationship with the news media has been plagued by outbreaks of temper from the soon to be President. He has made many wild accusations against them, often offering nothing in the way of evidence.


The pressure was on Trump to deliver. During the speech he confirmed that after he had said he would be recusing himself from his businesses, he would now only hand over some control to his kids. In a reference to his past on the programme “The Apprentice” he stated if his kids did a bad job they would be told “You’re fired” the shows catchphrase. During the conference Trump brought his lawyer to the stage to spell out how exactly Trump was going to be complying with the law.


Trump is going to need to be brought to task very quickly once he has been inaugurated, as he risks turning the US in to a joke. Many hope that once the size of the task is obvious to him, he will fall in to line and focus on the job at hand.


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