US refuses to veto UN resolution on Israel


The United Nations has passed a resolution to end illegal settlements built by Israel. The resolution only passed after the United States refused to veto the resolution. America’s failure to veto has caused consternation in a country that is seen as one of America’s allies in the middle east. Senior politicians from the country have voiced their concern in what appears to be an about turn on US policy.

Though it is well known that Barack Obama sees the illegal building as at least a stumbling block in the middle east peace process. Senior members of the US administration had spent significant periods of time deciding on whether to veto the resolution. It had also been noted by senior staff that settlement building had sped up, and the feeling is that the US cannot back a two state solution and allow Israel to carry on flouting the law.

Though the US refused to veto the resolution, President elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to note that “things will be different after Jan. 20,”. He had urged the US on Thursday to veto the resolution, but that didn’t happen. His position is very strongly in favour of Israel, which traditionally the US has been. But this change in policy is very much in response to Israel’s actions. Which seemingly the US can no longer back, at least not under the Obama administration. Donald Trump is likely to take a very different tact, and try to assist Israel as much as possible, seeing them as a strong partner in the region.

This is yet another example of Barack Obama trying to limit the damage that his successor can do. Many have praised Obama for this, but Trump supporters have suggested that he should no longer be pursuing political aims. As the inauguration is under one month away, most outgoing Presidents would be retiring quietly, but President Obama has been vigorously working until the end. It appears that if Mr Trump wants to make significant changes to the US, he’s going to start by trying to unpick the policies of his predecessor. Many will argue that this is a good thing, and will hope that it slows down the President elect’s more controversial policy ideas. This will be in the vain hope that the democrats can get themselves an electable leader for a run in 2020. The troubling thing, is that currently there seems to be few candidates.

About Joseph Thornton:
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