VIDEO: Horrific Woman Tries To Kill 2.5 Year Old Son On Camera. Police Refuses To File Case Initially


Mother tries to push her son off stairs

In an extremely horrific incident, a woman who was annoyed with her husband tried to kill her 2.5 year old son by throwing him down the stairs. Reportedly, the woman wanted to teach her husband a lesson. The child suffered major injuries.

The woman’s husband and in-laws said that she was abusing the child and their family for quite some time However, they remained quiet since she threatened to file a case of dowry harassment and violence against them. Ideally, a cocktail of such cases could land the husband in prison for 14 years or more.

After being reported along with the video, the police refused to file any case and said that they might consider action only if needed. Later, when men’s right groups in the city protested, the police registered a complaint of attempted ‘culpable homicide’ not amounting to attempted murder since the mother was not in the ‘right state of mind’.

Major news publication Hindustan times reported this incident blaming the woman’s anger on ‘social environment and relationships around these women’.

Hindustan times reporting the incident

After reading the news, women are justifying the incident asking children to understand why they mothers get angry. They advised children to respect their mothers and keep them happy to avoid such violence against them in future.

The other justifications for the incident were as follows:

This lady blamed the incident on less supportive husbands and associated stress.

Another one said that the woman killed the child because of traffic jams.


Although the camera was in the stairways, it was questioned on why they installed it in the bedroom.

There is a strong push by women for the release of the mother since she was a victim of stress. However, it might not be needed as despite the complaint, there is no report of the woman being arrested yet. Since there is no arrest, there is no need of the release.