Woman almost kills her child because she won’t stop crying. Released with a verbal warning


Woman kicks infant daughter

In a horrific incident, a mother was filmed kicking her toddler brutally sans any mercy. The child was crying and this probably irritated the woman. To vent her anger over the noise she started throwing and kicking the very little kid down a flight of steps.

This footage was captured by an observer in Southeast China, in the Guangdong province. It shows the brutal woman shouting at the infant as she beat her again and again with her feet against the tiled floor.

As she assaults her victim, she yells, ‘Still crying?’ in Mandarin.

The clip has more than 8 million views till date. Most viewers were outraged over the incident.

The scene was such, that if the woman was not stopped, she might have probably killed the baby. For her, the irritation caused by the crying of the child was more of a concern than the innocent toddler’s life.

The person who captured the incident hardly recorded 6 seconds of the brutal assault. He posted it at around 3 pm, Chinese time, on social media. When people saw it, they reacted harshly because of which the police was forced to act.

The sad part is that while it was clearly an act of felony assault on an infant, all the Beijiao Police did was they gave the abuser a ‘verbal warning’ not to repeat it again. The child is in the custody of the abuser’s parents now, and she has been restrained from meeting the victim further.

The woman is from central China’s Hubei and she is 27-years-old. Her surname is ‘Chen’.

When questioned by the police about the incident, Chen said that she found it difficult to control her behaviour because she had been under a lot of stress recently. She added that when the baby cried, she lost control and assaulted her daughter to release the mental stress.

Medical assistants assessed the child for physical injuries and cleared her for the same.

Imagine if a man did the same, he would have been in jail for attempted murder by now. We live in a very gynocentric society where women are presumed to be victims even if they try to kill a child.