Alba Calderon he studied Psychology and PEPO (Psychology Specialization of the Organizations) at the University of Deusto, although his first steps on his path to entrepreneurship have emerged in a field completely opposite to that of the academic discipline. He combines his studies on the human psyche with creativity, which develops within your firm Lulinasa new bet within the panorama of current fashion trends. Your competition is the fashion jewellery, crafted in 925 sterling silver and in gold-plated silver, and focused on a modern style and sophisticated to carry both on a daily basis and on special occasions.

It was the end of 2019 when this santander resident in Bilbao was raised for the first time to create a small business. As many other young people eager to entrepreneurship, the confinement gave Dawn the time and the wings needed to take the flight, a project that for months had perfectly bocetado in his head. With only 20 years was launched to the adventure businessadmitting that at first, he invaded the doubts and insecurities of their own who opens step on a new path, punctuated by a time of pandemic, full of uncertainty at the global level. “I have never received any kind of education, nor does it endorse any one guide me or ensure some kind of success,” he says. But that never stopped it and now can boast of draw forth with effort and dedication, a small dream that becomes large little by little.

Began to inquire into specialised places, to find suppliers and, thanks to the unconditional support of his parents, managed to start selling their accessories. At the beginning, their first clients were family members, friends and relatives, until launched their own plan of expansion through social networks and sales soared. “I got in contact with public figures that had a number of followers considerably greater, so that they could look up my jewels. Many were reluctant, but others put his granite of sand, and shared the accessories of Lulinas in their respective profiles,” says Dawn proudly. Currently, Instagram is the main source of their sales, where we can see a care ‘feed’ line with the philosophy of the brand. In addition, you can also access your news and to purchase online through the web page that Alba has also created a self-taught.

Currently, there are 36 models availablebetween bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, whose prices range between 8.50 euros that it costs, for example, an original ‘earcuff’ in the form of a serpent, until the 36 euros that are worth a few stylish silver earrings dipped in gold, topped by a quartz violet. Its proposals are current, discrete and easy to wear, mostly gold, in which we can add brush strokes and brilliant color.

Lulinas has a strong devotion to family, not only for the support they gave to this young entrepreneur with his parents until achieve to promote the project, but for the essence of the project itself. The name of the firm hides behind an emotional meaning for this future psychologist and a young entrepreneur. ‘Lulina’ was the name given to loving with the the grandfather of Dawn called their grandmothera woman matriacal and strong that it became one of the great pillars of his life. A person who always saw Dawn as a child full of capacity and with a great potential to achieve anything he set his mind to in life. ‘Lulina’ was the first to find out about your achievements and never hesitate to go far. That’s why, in their first steps towards success, Dawn has wanted to honor it in a way so special, putting his name to his first project in life, and having for their flag the motto “Celebrate your own victories, because no one else understands how much it cost you to achieve them”that so much reminds him of her. Wherever you are, sure that is still celebrating their triumphs.