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Learn about the symptoms of Russian volunteers who received an experimental covid-19 vaccine

Researchers at Moscow’s Séchenov University , working on the development of a covid-19 vaccine, gave an injection of an experimental drug to the second group of twenty volunteers on Tuesday this week in clinical trials.

The first batch was applied on Thursday, June 18, to 18 other participants, two days after the Russian Ministry of Health authorized the tests on human beings, in this case men and women between 18 and 65 years old.

In the first hours after receiving the vaccine intramuscularly, some of the patients presented with slight headaches and increases in body temperature, symptoms that disappeared spontaneously after one day.

“The reaction to the coronavirus infection vaccine was normal. It is characteristic for other types of injections. Right now, all study participants feel good, “ said Elena Smolarchuk , who is leading the project.

And the rector of the university, Piotr Glybochko , added that “that the development of this vaccine is an extremely important objective for Russia” , and that the study is carried out by highly qualified specialists.

All volunteers are isolated in hospital rooms for one or two patients, equipped with refrigerators, furniture and private bathrooms. Thus, it is possible to observe their immune responses, minimizing the risk of an external infection.

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