Tucson, Arizona, United States, 12th Oct 2022 Emmanuel Montano from MannyBusiness.com is a new name in the business developer and domain flipping world. Expect the unexpected from him on your social media! He has millions of views as a business development manager and a big personality on tiktok and youtube primarily. He owns multiple high value domains that are publicly for sale/rent such as the domain of an exact match for a multi billion dollar wealth manager from Forbes top advisors list Lyon Polk at LyonPolk.com. He also owns the phrase match domain name MclennanMarsh.com matching Marsh McLennan, a world leader in professional services in risk, strategy and people. He posted about the domains on his linkedin and Barrons Advisor actually liked the posts requesting help in order to transfer ownership of the domains to the highest online authority Marsh McLennan! You can realize he has a very bright future ahead of him in his early professional career. You don’t hear about hotshots like him every day. He also rents BestBoatInsurance.net to the public and upon more research, we realized the value of such a domain is easily appraised over 5 figures alone because of the Google search ranking capabilities. Any boat insurance company could benefit heavily in that case and now you can see he has a special skill set that isn’t easy to copy. He is also seen coaching executives online by assisting them to better market themselves on social media, optimize their professional profiles such as linkedin and improve their google rankings with personal and business brands. “Ever since I was a child I wanted to do something with multiple businesses, but I didn’t know what it was… I’m glad to finally own bizdevbest.com. I believe this signifies I made it to my life goal. That domain right there. Everything I had to go through to learn this information and stand here today as a successful business developer and domain flipper is shown in domains like these.” Emmanuel Montano said in a virtual meeting with him.

He has been featured in Arizona Daily Star, CBS, FOX and other online publications for his work and his uniquely positive personality. He reached out to the top rated resort in scottsdale to transfer ownership of SonestaSuitesScottsdaleGaineyRanch.com recently, a luxury resort with the top bid per click at $300 per visitor during their most competitive time of year and over 10k searches monthly around the world for the exact phrase. Monetizing this total global publisher traffic would earn $3,000,000 per month from that data! Oddly enough, you will see him online living a pretty humble life from the way he presents himself publicly. Emmanuel constantly talks about what he can do for other people and how he brings value to others lives over all other topics. This may be one of his secret weapons to success. Emmanuel Montano had contacted Grant Cardone’s office with the specific goal of transferring GrantCardoneScottsdale.com to Grant Cardone, but his risk analysis team did not press the issue beyond upper management at the time this happened. Who knows if that was a good decision or not on Grant Cardone’s behalf because he has his company headquarters in scottsdale arizona and a phrase match with this authority can easily rank on Google’s first page for these terms. He also reached out to Robert Kiyosaki for a similar domain name with similar concept for RobertKiyosakiPhoenix.com but did not hear back from Mr. Kiyosaki. Emmanuel Montano has also been on record for being a proficient email marketer, copywriter, and conversion optimization specialist showcased by various videos of him helping businesses on his social media. He is a multi-talented, multi-skilled, well accredited professional and may even be a multi-genius after looking at his irregular level of success in seemingly unrelated skill sets. He claims that some of his best skills came from his years of buying online courses, youtube university, trial & error, the most high God in his opinion and studying universal concepts such as love and helping other people. Communication and Interpersonal skills, Research Skills, Business Intelligence, Networking, Marketing and Sales Knowledge are all valuable skills of a business developer like Emmanuel. Emmanuel was even educated by World Famous Negotiator Chros Croft. Emmanuel believes that we all can live in a world where people help each other create value and build a solid lifetime network of high value, multi-skilled entrepreneurs. Emmanuel had made an early career by gaining recognition from Young Jeezy’s producer “Drumma Boy ” for saying that “(Emmanuel Montano) has some of the cleanest work I’ve ever seen. Everyone in the industry should do it like this…” Regarding Emmanuel’s project management, professional, and production capabilities. He is anything but ordinary. It’s rare for anyone to get the type of recognition he’s publicly known for in the first place, let alone across various and seemingly unrelated professions. He is some blend of an artist type, scientist type, and stoic type personality. He is amazingly a successful domain arbitration specialist, business developer, consultant, online personality, and well known in his local community for his vast range of ever evolving skill sets. He’s quite the knowledgeable business consultant with a background in marketing. You can rent or buy some of his high value domain names, contact him for services, and learn about his 3 Top Business Development Tips for free from a downloadable PDF off his website at MannyBusiness.com and EmmanuelMontano.com

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