The encryption of end-to-end guarantees the safety and secrecy of communications through the platform

Despite the rumors, chats in WhatsApp are safe.
Despite the rumors, chats in WhatsApp are safe.PIXEL

The polmica arising from the update in the terms and conditions of WhatsApp has caused a wave of indignacin among the users all over the world to the point that the own App messenger has been forced to publish a statement in the social networks to appeal for calm under the title: “WhatsApp protects and secures your private messages“.

A press release in which he begins by addressing directly the rumor ms polmico that, long since, comes propagndose about this application: “WhatsApp can not see your private messages or listen to your calls, not Facebook”, which currently is the parent company of WhatsApp.

The discontent of millions of users around the world with WhatsApp is reaviv the first days of this year when they found a notice that I can agree to the terms and conditions of the application with the 8 of February as a date limit. Those who do not give their consent, not be able to use.

As happens each time that it circulates a polmica about WhatsApp, some apps that offer services almost idnticos messenger instant and that are not linked to Facebook (as a Telegram and Signal) have experienced an increase in downloads during the past few das.

In the case of Telegramthe app itself has sent a message to its users celebrating the milestone of having reached the 500 million active users. Among them, 25 million will have registered in the last 72 hours.

A polmica with WhatsApp that comes from far away

In reality, this is a problem of reputation who comes from far away. Specifically, since Facebook bought WhatsApp, that surgi as an independent company. After the acquisition, the different escndalos of privacy that has been involved the company of Mark Zuckerberg, as well as the fear of users to produce an integration between the two platforms started to sow the seed of distrust.

However, in its privacy policy, WhatsApp seala this it will be something positive. “Both parties can use the information that we receive to operate, provide, improve, understand, personalize, support, and promote our Services and offerings, including the products of the companies of Facebook”.

The publication of a press release like the one that WhatsApp has just spread (addressing the malicious rumors circulating about her through social networks) is atpico. As much as the angry reaction of many of its users.

Besides, remember that you can not read the content of the conversations or to listen to the calls of the users, have remembered that “Whatsapp does not keep record of who mensajean or call users“that “Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can see your location shared,” that “WhatsApp does not share your contact list with Facebook”, that “the private groups of WhatsApp remain private”, that “you can set your messages to disappear” and that “you can download your data”.

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