Instagram went from a fun social media platform that people used to use as a time waster to now a large market for brands and avid creators.

Many people use Instagram to their advantage, such as fitness experts, Amazon store owners and Shopify dropshippers. If you own an Instagram you get a whole lot of benefits.

A recent development that isn’t being taken advantage of enough is Instagram theme pages. Instead of showing yourself behind the page you show a content around one niche. The business mode is focused on outsourcing work and monetising your Instagram fans by giving them value. Once you have the systems in place your business becomes mainly a passive income!

More businesses started to face financial difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic and turned to creating and publishing quality content on social media. This business is becoming more and more appealing to individuals like Lewis.

One Teenage entrepreneur “Lewis Barry” is taking advantage of this outbreak in social media popularity. He is aiming to bring the theme page business model to a whole new level.
Lewis has grown his Instagram pages to more than 50k followers and a lot of likes on his pages during 2020.

He began to share his learning experiences on Instagram and document his progress. Many people started to ask how they can get started with Instagram as well. It was at this point Lewis decided to teach others how they can start their own pages and grow them into a business not a hobby. He offers several programs on his Instagram page @VividHustler that gets you started with an online business.

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