In a thread on the social network, Jack Dorsey defends the decision to block the account of the U.S. president to “protect the safety of public”.

Jack Dorsey, ceo of Twitter, has defended in a thread in the social network published last night the decision of the company to close permanently the account of an U.S. president Donald Trump by incitacin to violence, though he believes that sets “a dangerous precedent” when they see the power they can have some businesses on the conversation public world.

Dorsey says that “does not celebrate or feel proud” of having had to ban Trump tweet but he argues that “it was the decision correct” to protect the safety public. However, he admits that the prohibition is “a failure” of Twitter by not being able “to promote a conversation to be healthy.”

Moreover, it considers that the decision sets a precedent that qualifies as dangerous the show “the power that a person or guild are on a part of the conversation public globally,” he says in a tweet.

The executive reflects on the offensive of the last days of Silicon Valley against Donald Trump and his followers. The possibility of citizens to participate in different online platforms – “if you do not are in accordance with our rules, you can simply go to another service”, says – has been challenged when, in the last few days, different Internet service providers decided not to accommodate “what they considered to be dangerous.” While these decisions can be justified at the present time, Dorsey believes that, in the long term, are “destructive to the noble purpose and ideals of the open Internet”.

Besides Twitter, other companies have taken in the last few das similar measures. Facebook has suspended the account of Trump in their networks, at least until the decision of posesin Joe Biden, and you are removing all the content that mentions “stop deal”, a popular phrase among those who defend electoral fraud not proven in the last presidential election.

Snapchat also closes the account of Trump

Yesterday, Snapchat also, I announced the permanent closure of the personal account of Donald Trump in the network, expanding as the scope of their decision prior suspended indefinitely. The company justifies the decision to “protect the safety of public” due to the actions of Trump to “spread the desinformacin, hate speech and incite violence”, which violates their rules of use. A day before, YouTube suspended the account the an president for at least a week and deshabilit the comments on your channel indefinitely.

Besides, Parler, a social network actively used by the supporters of Trump, has had to suspend the service after the decision of Amazon to shut down the servers that housed the platform.