During a press conference the multi-business owner and celebrity influencer Tatiana Tretyak has announced launching her new collection Amrita in the women’s wear brand that carries her name Tatiana Tretyak Brand

 The inspiration behind this new collection, and the whole passion behind starting her own fashion brand which goes to her childhood as she was born and grew up in an environment where there was no choice of clothes, clothes’ colors , “actually there was no choice at all.” As she precisely described that period of her childhood and teenage years 

“Everyone used to wear whatever was sold at the store. It was quite annoying and boring. However, our family was very lucky, as my mother was a seamstress so that my sister and I had the opportunity to wear something interesting and look at least different.” Tatiana added 

All her dreams and desires came from her childhood as she always dreamt to be a designer and creator of her own clothes. Tatiana explained

Tatiana highlighted the key trigger of her success as she said “My life went on and I almost gave up the idea to fulfill my childhood dream when, suddenly, my life turned upside down and I moved to Dubai. Here is when I got the chance to create my own clothing brand and make my dream come true.”

The launch gathered key influencers and media personalities of Dubai and the region, and the collection was considered as “the new trend” according to Nadim Zidan, CEO of Hollywood Modelz DXB 

At the end of the event Tatiana shared her words of gratitude to all the audience and fans who supported her journey “I am incredibly grateful to all women around the world who fell in love with designs and Tatiana Tretyak Brand. The main idea of my brand is to help women to look elegant and feminine, to enjoy bright colors, comfort and quality wearing my clothes.” Were her last words of the launch that gathered the acceptance of all attendees. 

On the other hand Tatiana is prepared to launch a new cinematic project at her studios based in Dubai, and she was seen travelling between Egypt and UAE for what was described by reporters as a preparations of new series that will get broadcasted at one of the major platforms of the region.