The Amorebieta has completed a first round of the championship light in Second B highly meritorious. Share leadership with the Bilbao Athletic, that was precisely the only team able to defeat the blues, and to place themselves above the rest of the subsidiaries and of the other clubs about the role more powerful is to feel “proud”. It is as well as what defines Aitor Arregicommissioned to write down the target to win in The Sardinero last Sunday. The central Bergara culminated the huge work done by all the team to defeat to Racing Santander and close this first half of the competition high. Their presence in the elevens of Iñigo Vélez de Mendizabal is indisputable. Last year he played every minute and only lost one game, and this season takes way to mark the same records.

– Go way to end the first round, winning in The Sardinero Racing de Santander…

– Yes, very good. The team did a great match, a great collective effort, and it ended up being deserved the victory. The same was also not our best encounter, and the more chances we have had. But we went ahead and then pretty soon we learned to read the game. We learned to defend very well and do not suffer too much.

– Certainly not suffered with a Racing unable to generate danger on the goal blue.

– Yes, in the field we had that feeling that it was all quite controlled. But we also knew that they are Racing, they have people with a lot of quality and that in a individuality could tie it. But from the inside we had the feeling that everything was more or less controlled, and thus it was until the end.

– Finally got that first win away from Urritxe.

– We were doing a first round good, but we needed that victory away from home. We always said that to see when it was going to get. And look, it has had to be precisely in the field more attractive, and against one of the rivals most complicated, that he had not yet lost a game at home.

– Triumph forged with a goal early that is the first mark you this season.

– Yes, it is the first frame this year. Since I wanted to contribute my granite of sand in attack, because I go up to all the corner kicks and since I already had the urge to mark. It was a must that I had but I have already broken connection. The truth is that I am very happy because it has given us three points that are very important to us.

– Beyond the facet scorer, what really stands out is the solidity of a Amorebieta that is the team for less goleado of the group.

– We are well, we are in a good dynamic defensive. Rivals it costs them to not only make goals, but also make us sometimes. That is because here we attack and we defend all. Our front surely not going to put fifteen goals, or we are going to cram fifteen goals for the work that they do. We all work both in attack and in defence, we all have to contribute in the two facets.

– Work coral group, which is making that all go perfectly.

– We know that we have to defend all, from first to last. When you see the front how to split the face by pressing, it spreads to the rest. Also the line of media makes a great display… All that, in the end, makes it easy to back a little the work because the rivals come to us with less advantages.

– Finish the first round as co-leaders of the group. What is hoped for?

– Like the more we believe in ourselves. We knew that if we were able to follow the dynamics of the last year, I was going to go the thing pretty well. Also we thought that we were going to go so well, but there we are. In a league so short, it is important to rate everything you can. And that we, at compete at the top, go to win in all fields and against all the rivals. By now we are well, we are still very competitive. Tap to continue.

– There are those who say that they are a little the surprise of the group…

– For us it is not a surprise to see us there. What is a surprise is that other teams are not so good. We relied a lot on us from the beginning. This is not work only this year, there are already several seasons in which they are doing things well. The key is to keep up the good work and the humility not thinking ourselves more than anyone or that we are better than we are. We need to keep working on what we are good at and also what we are not as good.

– What are you expecting for the second round?

– For the moment, we have to be proud of the first round that we have done. Now tap it harder, than it is to try to follow as well. We know that this season is very complicated to get the three points in any field and against any opponent. That’s why we have to try to keep this line. Time will tell where we are at the end of the season.