Counterplay Games gives a twist to the combat in the third person

Godfall /

Godfall‘it is one of the first exclusives for the new generation Sony, a new game of fighting in third-person that transports us to a universe cabelleresco.

Read the premise of Gearbox Publishing: “Embark in this Action / RPG and fantasy that motivates the players to get loot, equip yourself with armor legendary, and defeat ruthless enemies”.

We have spent the past few weeks squeezing the last of Counterplay Games to check its refinement, depth of mechanics and level of rigor. Not in vain, its leaders speak of gameplay crackdown forces the correct execution of each stroke.

This last also co-opsince bosses and other adversaries have been designed thinking in the game, four hands: “they Boast of special skills to counter the attacks of several fighters from various angles”.

You will find our assessment in the video below these lines.